Navis considers improving ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) at the portfolio as an important lever for value creation. To maintain the focus on ESG, Navis has a dedicated Portfolio Director who works on ESG issues and initiatives. Also Environment, Governance, Internal Controls, Social and Health and Safety and Human Capital are some of the areas assessed by deal teams and considered by the Investment Committee as part of the investment decision making process.

The recommendations from the various Pre-Investment Reviews become part of the 90-Day Plan to be implemented by the investment team and portfolio company management. In addition, various best practices processes are discussed with management for implementation in the areas of business conduct, management reporting, financial planning and analysis, cash management, internal controls and risk management, amongst others. Ongoing ESG and operational issues are addressed by the Navis Investment Team as part of their periodical meetings with local management. Navis believes that constant and increasing focus on ESG and new ESG initiatives has enhanced the business practices at Navis' portfolio companies and added value to Navis' investments.