Navis believes that Southeast Asia provide attractive opportunities for private equity investing. The economies of our region have outperformed the US and Europe almost continuously for 30 years in terms of GDP growth.

Political events have generally been positive in the region for social and economic stability over the past 10 years or more. Corporate and banking governance has improved. Navis feels it is well-positioned to take advantage of investment opportunities because of its extensive professional experience in the Southeast Asian markets, as well as its developed networks throughout the area and the lack of competition relative to other Asian regions.

The senior personnel of Navis have been consulting and investing in Asia for over 25 years. During this period, the regional economies have been characterized by superior long-term growth rates, but also by occasional and severe macroeconomic or sector-specific shocks. Navis believes that the long term underlying direction of the regional economy is positive but that a formalized strategy is imperative for success over a full business cycle. Accordingly, Navis believes that the economic environment in Asia is attractive for private equity investment.